Eclectic taste. Inspires obsession. For the foodie.

Chef, Salina Campbell created her original, now famous smoked garlic and chilli recipe back in 2009. From the original recipe came new recipe ideas and the jarred products business grew.

Tried and tested, as an ingredient on London’s foodie scene, the jarred products range has grown, powered by street market enthusiasm and trade customer demand.

Director, Rahim Campbell takes the Great Taste award-winning jarred products and specialty ingredients forward, to global foodies, in delis and via wholesale as Joli.

Joli jarred products Salina

Fresh Powerful Flavours

The recipes for each Joli jar are carefully developed, with ingredients eclectically sourced from the travels of Salina, to create the always exquisitely combined taste required across Joli’s product range.

Take yourself on a journey

Salina is passionate about all the flavours that she has developed, and is determined to introduce more people to the taste. Rahim takes the taste of Joli to a wider audience via independent retailers, delis, farms and specialist markets.

Get to know Joli

Born from trade. Tried and tested on the London’s foodie markets. Fashioned by customer conversations.

Designed for experimenting. Created with versatility and the shared experience of enjoying a feast of fresh, flavour-filled dishes in mind.

Inspired by travel. Ingredients collected from across the world, selected and blended to take taste buds on unique and joyful journeys.

We very much hope you will join us in celebrating adventurous-flavour and enjoy experimenting with our award-winning fresh and smoked garlic jarred products and recipes, created with high quality ingredients, by our flavour obsessed team.

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