Joli jarred products Smoked Garlic Chilli

Joli smoked garlic chilli – The original (since 2009) – Perfectly crispy

A delicious combination of chopped smoked garlic, chilli and shrimps, with a long layered taste. Roasted then infused for intense flavour. A fantastic partner with seafood, meat, stir fries or as a dipping sauce. What makes Joli Smoked Chilli Garlic so distinctive is its crispy texture and infusion in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Joli smoked garlic chilli, awarded 1 star by Great Taste 2017.

Key flavours : Smoked Garlic & Chilli, Shallot, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Shrimp.

5 reasons to choose Joli smoked garlic chilli

  • Created with high quality whole French oak-smoked garlic.
  • Our fresh garlic is oak-smoked for a crispy texture and sweeter taste.
  • This recipe is hand roasted, cooled, then infused with fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
  • No MSG.

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